Expect The Unexpected!


“Stressless” Boot Camp created and developed by Canadian Event Producer and Wellness Expert Linda Googh promises to deliver with originality and flair! Linda and her team of experts address mental fitness and motivation, nutrition and fitness. Linda will address the many layers of stress management for work-life balance as well as ergonomics in the workplace.


In this unexpected format during the Day One’s first general session, attendees are unexpectedly surprised by the bells and whistles of the Boot Camp Leaders who quickly take charge organizing the assembly into 4 teams. The teams have 2 minutes to create their team names and are whisked off to their 1st of 4 rotations.


Your staff, employees and executives will experience an educational and interactive experience at each rotation. This inspiring approach to Stress Management and Team Bonding will help your team reach peak performance and optimal health. All programs are Customized!

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