Linda Googh


With over 30 years in the entertainment and special events industry, Linda Googh continues to use her special skills to communicate within both the theatrical and corporate arenas. Her success rests on her ability to bring artistic flair, creative energy and business acumen to each and every project. Over the last three decades Linda has written, produced, and executed stellar shows, events and team building conferences for hundreds of major Canadian and US Companies.

Linda Googh is a special events and entertainment professional. She is a dance master, choreographer, an international dance adjudicator, wellness coach, and speaker. Linda’s credentials include certification as a Reflexologist (RCRT) and as a teacher/examiner with the Reflexology Association of Canada. She is one of only 13 practitioners in Canada who qualify to teach all 3 modalities – feet, hands and ears.

Linda’s 2 companies, Linda Googh Enterprises and Sole Power Reflexology, seamlessly combine the 2 worlds of events and wellness.

Today her coaching skills, public speaking and Boot Camps, empower her clients to wellness and motivate them to excellence.


Linda’s Background:

  • In 1976 Linda entertained the peacekeeping troops in Europe, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt with the Canadian Armed Forces for the United Nations. She fell in love with the area. Over the next decade she continued to travel to the Middle East and even Canada’s Arctic producing successful shows that entertained and uplifted the troops.
  • In 1986 she was the only Canadian producer to receive a Certificate of Achievement Award from the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in the Sinai Desert.
  • In 1978 Linda founded Ultima Plus, a company that developed regional and national promotions for major corporations such as Carling O’Keefe, General Motors, Chrysler, and the Toronto Sun Newspaper.
  • Linda was also co-creator of the Argo Sunshine Cheerleaders where she was responsible for choreographing and directing stadium football games and half-time shows. Her company handled all Toronto Sun Cheerleader promotions, sourced all talent and facilitated event promotions.
  • Linda continues to create successful events, promotions and team building conferences for national and multi-national companies such as Telus, Wyeth Pharm, Export Packers, and the Ministry of Transportation to name a few


Wellness Background:

Linda’s journey to Reflexology was an unexpected calling. Eight years ago, while choreographing and producing the 25th Anniversary Yamaha Canada Product Launch and Live Stage Celebration Gala, both her feet were traumatized becoming paralysed. When Doctors had exhausted their healing recourses Linda was left no choice but to heal herself. Which she most certainly did!

Discovering the healing art and science of Reflexology was the turning point. The impact of reflexology on her personal recovery inspired her to develop several unique rehabilitation exercises.

For dancers and professional athletes she created her signature method “Danceflexology” a wellness workshop used to prevent injury in dancers and athletic professionals.

Through the overwhelming success of “Danceflexology”, Linda went on to develop “Stressflexology” a self help stress management that can be used by everyone, through self reflexology and light stretch.


Choreographer Dance Judge


Linda Googh has judged numerous dance competitions in the U.S.A., Canada, and most recently Dubai, where she adjudicated the 2010 Dubai International Dance Competition and presented her signature educational dance wellness workshop, “Danceflexology “ to teachers and students.

Linda has an international reputation as an outstanding Choreographer, Producer and Judge with over 30 years experience, evaluating and hiring professional dancers and entertainers. Since her days on the Tommy Hunter Show, she has been a pioneer in the dance world. She was the first Canadian to earn a scholarship to the prestigious Dance Masters of America, the first white dancer to receive membership in The Black Dance America Company, the first Canadian to choreograph and produce for Kings Productions at Canada’s Wonderland and the creator and choreographer of the Argo Sunshine Girls Cheerleaders.

Linda played the lead (Cold Ethyl) for the ABC Special “Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare”. She has done numerous specials for CFTO, CBC including the Juno Awards and the Circus series. She was a member of the Charlottetown Festival Company for 4 years and a dancer in Las Vegas. From the beginning Linda combined teaching with her professional dance career starting with The Brian Foley Studios and The Len Gibson Academy. As a producer and choreographer, Linda produced the annual Armed Forces tours in Europe, the Middle East and the Canadian Arctic for 10 years. She became known as a Leading Industrial Show Choreographer with clients such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Carling O’Keefe and the Toronto Sun Newspaper. She maintains her commitment to dance through judging and guest teaching.

Her career expanded into an even wider scope as a result of traumatic foot injuries. Her own process of healing led her to study holistic approaches to wellness and she discovered the hands-on therapy of foot reflexology. Passionate about teaching and helping others, she became trained and certified as a professional reflexologist.

As a dancer/choreographer/reflexologist, she understood the problems and injuries that dancers face throughout their career. The impact of reflexology on her personal recovery inspired her to combine her skills to create her signature “Danceflexology Wellness Workshop”, the most unique educational dance wellness workshop of its kind.

Recent articles include “Where Dance Meets Reflexology” and “Give Your Hands a Hand in Canada’s Dance Quarterly Magazine. Linda continues to keep her pulse on up and coming Canadian talent through her Production Company Linda Googh Enterprises “ and she is actively involved in promoting wellness for dancers, yogi’s, and others through workshops, speaking, writing and her private Reflexology practice.

Linda Googh
International Dance Competition Judge Choreographer/Reflexologist
Professional Associations:
Professional Adjudicator’s Alliance
ACTRA Toronto
 Canadian Actors Equity
Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC)