Trade Shows and Promotions


– Talking Head… A..K..A…George Kash

– Custom Make Up Artist…Linda Googh

Back in the Box Promotions

It’s great to think out of the box, but sometimes to stretch our creativity you must think “Back In The Box!” And we do just that with the promotional concept of “The Talking Head.”

“The Head” is perceived as a ‘CARVING’, George sits in the ‘cube’ with his eyes closed and motionless.  When a person approaches, he immediately opens his eyes to greet them with a welcoming comment. Reactions very, everything from surprise and awestruck to down right hilarious!

The “Talking Head” is your information mouth piece. He can swivel 360 degrees as well, to keep the ‘conversation’ going. This has been a traffic stopper, and traffic builder at Trade Shows, Product Launches, Corporate Meetings, Golf Tournaments, and Private Parties.

Easy set up and tear down – Entry way must be a minimum of 44 inches wide.

The ‘cube’ display is a 42 x 42 x 42 cube, fully transportable and collapsible. The draping serves as décor, and is complementary to the display or product. Stock colors are: gold-blue-red-white-black-green.. Special custom colors/décor can be arranged, if required. Custom Signage can be attached to the sides.

Once inside the cube, George does not leave, until the function is over. Minimum call time 3hrs. The maximum call time is 9 hrs. Quotations are based on logistics; make up required, location, and all other promotional requirements, such as product knowledge or script memorization. If you do not see a picture of your product, just ask us! Chances are we have done it.


Think Back In The Box!


Shoppers Drug Mart Staff BBQ

Shoppers Drug Mart Staff BBQ / Tracy from Shoppers (left ) / George Kash (center) / Artist – Linda Googh (right)


Treasure Hunt with “Talking Egg-Head” and Easter Bunny!

We promise to “Crack you up!” Tons of Fun and motivation Egg-Specialy for You!

Restaurants, Offices, Stores, Malls, Schools…etc.


Trade Show Traffic Builders


Mr. Coffee Bean

Mr. Coffee Bean


Mr. Chocolate Man

Mr. Chocolate Head



Mr. Harvest Head


One of a kind Strolling ……

Chef Hat Mascot !

The walking Hat will meet, and greet, while serving up some hype and interaction at your next event.
This is a creative entertainment attraction for the entire Hospitality Industry, as well as
Trade Shows, Fairs, Festivals, BBQ’s, Corporate Picnic’s,
Holiday Celebrations, and any where there is food fun, and festivities!

Chef Hat Mascot