Strolling Tables

Scream Theme

“ SCREAM THEME “ Strolling tables

– With Interactive Characters and Animators

– Serving you everything imaginable!

Not only are the tables visually spectacular, they are fully functional offering your guest’s hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, champagne, deserts, place cards, casino chips, badges, awards, Give a ways and more!

Each and every Character Animator is a trained professional that glides about to bring life and the added WOW to your event! Eye-popping Costumes reflect your décor and match your theme.

Clients choose from a long list of Themes. The Concepts, Costumes, and designs are created and developed in- house. If you are promoting a Product, or Logo, we will customize a design just for you!

Knight Poster Branded Small


Goldfinger Theme Strolling Tables








– Arabian Nights

– At The Copa!

– Beach Party

– Betty Boop / Mascot

– Black Swan

– Broadway Baby

– Country & Western

– Butler

– Burlesque Moulin Rouge

– Canadian

– Casino / Vegas Themes

– Chef

– Cosmic Glow

– Carnival

– Circus

– Diamond Lil’ / Gold Rush

– Disco

– Emperor (Greek or Roman)

– Era’s

– Ethnic

– Fairy Tales

– Flower Power

– Genie from Aladdin Mascot

– Genie Theme (Male or Female)

– Geisha / Mime Mask

– George’s Junk / Percussion

– Glamour Hostess / Host

– Goddess (Greek, Roman, other)

– Gold Finger / Bond Themes

– Graffiti

– Great Gatsby

– Halloween

– Hello Sailor / Nautical

– Hemmingway

– Holiday Themes

– I Love Lucy

– King Neptune

– Kiss / Gene Simmons Style

– Marilyn Monroe (table look-a-like)

– Mardi Gras / Masquerade

– Mash Theme

– Medieval / Renaissance / Knight of the Round Table

– Mermaid

– Moon Walker / M. Jackson

– Moon Walker / Moon Suit

– Mounties

– Oktoberfest

– Pirate

– Polynesian Princess

– Santa & Mrs. Claus Pair

– Sir John A McDonald

– Snow Queen / Jack Frost

– Sonny & Cher

– Split Personality

– Superheroes

– Swan Lake

– The Joker

– Tuxedo Man or Matre ‘D

– Tropical

– Welcome to the Jungle ..Witch Doctor ..African Queen ..Lion ..Zebra Hostess

– White Christmas

– Vintage Circus Ring Master

– Mr. Spinopoly / Strolling Animator & table top game




Welcome to Rinx

“SCREAM THEME” is the ultimate traffic builder! It helps you take a Spokes Person, Customer Service Representive or Sales Superstar to the next level!

Our talented professionals will answer questions, give product demonstrations and assist your sales staff to – Capture the attention of your traffic at Conventions, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Fundraisers and Events!


The Pink Lady Strolling Table

22282784443_6b1d24fdde_o22915072571_077297922b_o      – Pink Lady at the  Providence Healthcare  “ 2015 Silver Ball”


Great Gatsby Strolling Champagne table
was a huge success at the Grand Luxe Reception!

Gatsby #3Gatsby #5



Fortress Dinner and Awards Reception

The statuesque strolling table graced the Fortress Awards Reception as she glided the room offering champagne. The 450 attendees were smitten by by her elegance and quite spectacular presentation. Our Black and White strolling Gatsby Table worked the room for 2 hrs, as the flow of people and champagne set the tone for the evenings Gala!

B&W Strolling Gatsby TableGreat Gatsby Table

The theme was Black and White Gatsby – held at the Universal Event Space.
Guests enjoyed photo opportunities with charismatic Hostess Characters
Scream Theme Strolling Gatsby Girls!

Scream Theme Strolling Gatsby Girls


Themed sporting events or corporate “Kick Off’s” and Charities
“Scream Theme” brings that WOW to the table!

As seen here, Scream Theme’s “Generic Cheerleader Table” with interactive Animator offers Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Event a good reason to cheer! This attractive table knows how to shake it up! And we know how to “Brand It Up” should you require customization.

Cheerleader Strolling Table

(Contact us for a quotation)


Cheerleader Table Costume Amber

Canadain Tire Cheerleader Strolling


Referee Strolling Table

Our “Referee” sure called it! She is seen strolling the room offering delicious small plates prepared by one of Toronto’s top caterers Daniel Et Daniel at Leon’s Roundhouse in Toronto.

Walking Tables-Oct 22 2015-11Sports Duo Instyle Activities Send

Referee Bar Mitzvah


1,000 Attendees at the 2016 HRPA Conference, flocked like Paparazzi to enjoy the two gorgeous “Tropical Strolling Tables.”

The Tropical Animators offered hot and cold appetizers at the early evening Reception. The MTCC south  was the perfect Venue for the Strolling Tables to strut their stuff! Hundreds of pictures, and 1,000 warm smiles as guests enjoyed the food, drink, and  the visual effect that made them forget it was January in Toronto – Too Hot to be Cold!



“Garden Goddess” strolling table

The perfect Wedding overlooking lake Ontario at Palais Royale

strolling closeup

DTI Logistics launches new Logo at Whistle Gear Golf & Country Club with
“Scream Theme” custom strolling table


“Scream Theme “ Living Statues  Amelia Earhart celebrated
at the Ninety-Nines International Conference in Ottawa.

She is seen with female pilots from around the world.

Ameilia Statue looking Ameilia Staue with Pilots Screame Theme Living Statues

“Cupids Spread The Love”

Linda Googh Enterprises created just the right attraction for Mohawk Casino’s Valentines Dinner Event.
Scream Theme Strolling “Cupid” Characters spread the love as couples
enjoyed the light hearted interaction and picture taking opportunities.

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow
~Rosemonde Gerard

For twas not into my ear you whispered
But into my heart
Twas not my lips you kissed
But my soul
~Judy Garland

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. ~Albert Einstein



Cupid Strolling Scream Theme

Cupid Strolling Scream Theme


Irish Leprechauns

Luck Of The Irish at The Mohawk Casino


Strolling_Tables copy