Team Building & Wellness


“How can you guide the dedicated and talented employees in your company to become a healthy, high-performance Team?” “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspect of their lives.” William James “Stressless” is a 1 or 2 day Wellness Team Bonding, that promises to throw the switch to a more opportunistic mind set towards performance and health. Extreme pace and work overload can elevate our arousal level to the point where flow goes out of the performance, trying harder and overcompensating, resulting in a less than optimal performance.

The “Stressless” experience explains how relaxation occupies one end of the continuum in ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Deep relaxation is a PHYSIOLOGICAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL state, which calms the body and mind, promoting creativity. “Stressless” explains how our stress level drops our focus broadens and we can pay attention to more information. On the other end of energy management good stress is addressed, showing how raised energy levels increase motivation, commitment and focus.

Expect the Unexpected


“Stressless” Boot Camp created and developed by Canadian Event Producer and Wellness Expert Linda Googh promises to deliver with originality and flair! Linda and her team of experts address mental fitness and motivation, nutrition and fitness. Linda will address the many layers of stress management for work-life balance as well as ergonomics in the workplace.In this unexpected format during the Day One’s first general session, attendees are unexpectedly surprised by the bells and whistles of the Boot Camp Leaders who quickly take charge organizing the assembly into 4 teams. The teams have 2 minutes to create their team names and are whisked off to their 1st of 4 rotations.

Your staff, employees and executives will experience an educational and interactive 90 minutes at each rotation. This inspiring approach to Stress Management and Team Bonding will help your team reach peak performance and optimal health.

Day 2’s “good morning” offers an unusual fruit buffet surprise! Boot Camp Leader, George Kash, known in Canada for his “Talking Watermelon Head”, interacts with the Day 2 recruits. This sets the tempo and peaks the interest for the day to come.

Recruits remain in their teams as they take the “Dr. Watermelon” Challenge in a main stage game show that invigorates and challenges the memories of what the teams learned on Day 1. Contestants will sit on Swiss Balls which are used to improve ones physical core. Following the game show both Linda and Rick deliver keynotes and interactive main stage presentations. Day 2’s finale is the Sound Off Challenge. Each team performs on stage to compete for the title of “Best Sound Off Challenge”.

Custom Sound Off’s will have incorporated personal mission statements, work-life goals, etc derived from the 90 minute brainstorming station.