King Henry’s Feast & Frolic


Meet our medieval cast of zany characters and join the fun for cocktails, dinner , entertainment ,and dancing. A themed evening not to be missed! Cout Jesters, Minstrels, Wenches and Royals, will provide a non-stop program of, music, song, comedy and magic. You must pay attention to the Royal Rules, or you may find yourself on stage in a head chopper! Enjoy a meal fit for Royalty, but don’t get caught using cutlery, or you may have to answer to King Henry! Come one, come all, it’s cocktails in the Great Hall, Feast, and dancing in the Royal Court.

Your Medieval experience begins with a production meeting where Linda Googh Enterprises, takes you through the planning steps. If you have not yet chosen a Venue, we would be glad to offer our selection services. From historic Casa Loma to a Hotel or Banquette Ballroom, “ King Henry’s Feast and Frolic “ is a self-contained package. The costumes set the atmosphere, and we work with the Venue’s Chef or Catering Company to ensure the menu and service is in perfect synchronization with the Show.

Customization is included throughout the performances.

A custom “ Cry “ song parodies, skits, and even a knighting ceremony for Employee Recognitions.

What ages should attend?

The Feast is clean entertainment for the whole family.

If your event is offered to children we suggest 12 years and up.

We have been customizing and entertaining Corporations for years at recognitions, holiday gals’s , social nights, employee kick off’s , and luncheons and celebrations.

Inside Cocktail area

  • Outstanding stationary Solo Harpist
  • Friar George, Town Crier & Wenches interact with guests throughout cocktails
  • Friar George w/guests

Medieval Troupe includes

  • King Host / Comedian / Improv
  • Queen Host / Comedian / Improv
  • Minstrel Strolling guitar or Flute
  • Town Crier
  • 3 Wenches / Vocalists Interacting with your guests / feature performers
  • 4 Wenches / Dancers Dancing wenches
  • Court Jester Court clown

Why Untraditional?

Because we are flexible and we will custom each script to accommodate your objectives and requirements.

Why Zany ?

Because the outstanding cast of characters are a group of multi talented performers, singers, musicians, magicians and variety acts; pooling their talents as interactive characters who entertain.

“King Henry’s Feast and Frolic”

The food is presented in coordination with the prepared script. Each course is introduced in a unique and entertaining fashion. Your guests are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and entertainment, as well as the authentic, colorful and zany costumes. Truly a memorable experience!